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No Spill Pouring Spouts USA
Preventing spills helps preserve the cleanliness of your home or work environment, and creates a safer, healthier space. Imagine your new kittens pawing along a floor where bleach had been spilled only hours earlier. If not cleaned properly, the results could be disastrous. Picture pouring glue into children’s dispensers from a large jug and the magnitude of clean-up for even the smallest spill. The No-Spill Spout says no to spills. Simply screw a spout onto
Where Did It Come From?
Have you ever spilled bleach while trying to pour it into your laundry? How about motor oil or coolant while trying to refill your car? Most of us have, and one day inventor and entrepreneur Joseph M. Hill decided he’d had enough of it. After years of frustration ruining my clothes, shirts and pants spilling bleach into the washing machine, I searched for a solution to my problem and found nothing. So I decided someone