No-Spill Spout is The Best Spill Free Windshield Wiper Fluid Funnel

Pouring windshield wiper fluid into your car or truck has been has never been easier using the No-Spill Spout, the spill free windshield wiper funnel.

Until now, trying to refill windshield wiper fluid into your car or trucks radiator reservoir has been challenging at best and inconvenient, usually resulting in spills and time consuming clean up.

Born out of frustration, we decided there needs to be a spill free windshield wiper funnel that is simple and easy to use pouring windshield wiper fluid. This windshield wiper funnel easily attaches to the 1-Gallon windshield wiper fluid jug by simply screwing on to the top, and the patent pending design of the windshield wiper fill funnel allows air to flow in along the top and diverts the windshield wipe fluid along the bottom of the windshield wiper funnel for a glug free, spill free pour into the reservoir.

Way to often, the windshield wiper reservoir is difficult to access and trying to free-hand pour the windshieldwiper fluid ends up spilling all over the engine bay; what a hassle this has been.

The No-Spill Spout is a simple innovation that was designed and manufactured in Southern California as a superior alternative spill free windshield wiper funnel. Proud to say Made in America!

The No-Spill Spout is 5” inches in length, so it is relatively small, and replaces the traditional funnel as a simple attachment to the 1-gallon jugs as really the best no spill windshield wiper funnel that you can use with 2 hands. In the past, the funnel was held with one hand, while trying to pour the windshield wiper fluid out of the 1-gallon jug.

You can order this spill free windshield wiper fluid Funnel online on or you can search on store. The No-Spill Spout pouring spout and funnel was designed with one thing in mind, to make our lives easier.

The No-Spill Spout coolant funnel was designed with one thing in mind, to make our lives easier.