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All about the No Spill Spout: Why What When Where and How Much

What is the No Spill Spout?

The No Spill Spout is the patented technology of a clever combination of a spout and funnel to makes the best "Spill-Free" pouring spout on the Planet.


Purpose of The No Spill Spout:

The perfect solution to the problem of spills. To eliminate the pain and frustration of pour liquid from 1-gallon plastic refill containers. Have you ever spilled anything before? Who hasn't? The No-Spill Spout is the Best "Glug-Free" and “Spill-Free” Pouring Spout on the planet. The problem is pouring liquid from those 1-Gallon Plastic Refill Jugs into smaller applicator bottles, or receptacles in your washing machine, car, boat, RV, or plane and the No-Spill Spout is the solution that makes it a breeze to easily pour the liquid product where its’ supposed to go.

no spill spout

What problem does the No Spill Spout solve?

The "Problem" is spilling, making a mess, and ruining your cloths as you are trying to pour liquid out of the 1-Gallon plastic refill containers. They’re designed to spill. The No Spill Spout is perfectly created to fit on 1-Gallon Plastic Refill Jugs and Containers to allow the liquid inside to pour out in a nice, smooth, steady stream. Our No-Spill Spout helps facilitate the ease of pouring liquid out of those 1-Gallon bottles by making a Glug-Free and Splash-Free experience.

no spill spout

How many Brands of products can I use the No Spill Spout with?

Holy cow it’s a lot of products!! I want to say endless, but that would be stupid, so in reality, the No Spill Spout easily attaches to over 185+ brands of the 1-Gallon Jugs of detergents, fluids, solutions and chemicals used by hundreds of millions of people every day. Seriously, I dare you to try this out, because you kinda look like a dork going through the store... Or you can just believe me when I tell you that I went to Lowes, Home Depot, WestMarine and Camping World where I went up and down every single aisle and tried out the No-Spill Spout on every product in each store. Ha! It fit on over 185 different manufacturers brands of chemical goo that we use, or need, depending on your perspective.

The No Spill Spout help pour liquid from 185 different brands of detergents, bleaches, radiator coolant, solvents and cleaning products

Who can use the No Spill Spout?

Not to be funny here, but any human being who has to pour liquid out of those 1-Gallon Plastic Refill Jugs into some smaller area. That means you, me, your dad, mom, sister, brother, but not the baby. The beauty in the No Spill Spout is its simplicity and effectiveness in being able to direct and pour that liquid into this awkward spots using 2 hands on the container. At home, at the garage, shop, the marina for your boat, the RV enthusiasts, people with planes, motorcycles, UTV’s. Literally Billions of people around the world could benefit from using the No-Spill Spout.


How many No Spill Spout Should I buy?

If you want me to be honest… Millions of them!! We offer a variety of quantities for sale of 3 primary colors, Red, Blue and Green. The colors will help coordinate with potentially all of the different brands of detergents, degreasers, or car fluids you might have. As a quick story, I had no idea how many of the 1-Gallon refill containers we had at home till my wife started pulling them from under the counters. “Oh my!” that girl might just have a problem, seriously cleaning madness I kinda suspected, but really never thought about till I am staring at 15 different brands of products. Whoa. So people buy a variety of our quantities, based on their needs. Buy as many as you think you’ll use. My recommendation is that you by enough No-Spill Spouts to stuff all of the stockings during Christmas for every home in your neighborhood. That would be a Merry Christmas indeed.

The No Spill Spout easily attaches to 185 Brands of Products 

How does the No Spill Spout work?

The No Spill is a clever combination of a spout and funnel, which is designed to allow air to flow into the 1-Gallon refill jug allows an equilibrium to occur and lets the liquid flow out the container in a nice even stream. The spout is 5 inches long which makes it easier to reach, direct and pour the liquid.

no spill spout


This is the “Invention” you didn’t know you needed, till you knew you needed.

Seriously, you don’t know what you don’t know. And if you did, you wouldn’t be reading this because you, you would have figured out the mysteries of the universe and would have solved all the problems of the world. But like me, you haven’t, so here we are. You have a problem spilling liquids from those horribly designed 1-Gallon Plastic Refill Containers, and we created the Solution.


What does the No Spill Spout look like?

The No Spill Spout is a funny looking little thing. I’ve had clients squeal with delight as that laughed and said “It’s so phallic! I’ve been waiting for this my entire life.” True story, love that gal. Never really thought about this till just now, it kinda functions like that, aaa-hem, appendage. Mmmhhhh…. Well, to be blunt it is curved and shaped just right so that liquid easily flows out of it. The angle of the dangle is just right. The unique design splits the product so that airs to flow into the 1-Gallon refill jug allows an equilibrium to occur and restricts the liquid to flow out the container in a nice even stream. The spout is 5 inches long which makes it easier to reach, direct and pour the liquid.

spill proof spout

What makes the No Spill Spout unique?

The triangular non-moving diverter that splits the device into 2 separate channels that allows the air to flow in along the top of the inside of the spout, and then the liquid is forced along the bottom of the spout so that air can easily pass into the container, creating an equilibrium and reducing the Glug Glug of the liquid out of the bottle. This patented design allows a nice, even steady flow of liquid pouring out of the plastic 1-Gallon container.


How much does the No Spill Spout cost?

The better question would be “How much does it save?” If you stop and really think about this, add up the cost of your ruined clothes and the time cleaning up the mess you just created by spilling the liquid all over the place. It adds up. No doubt I have easily ruined hundreds of dollars’ worth of pants, shorts, shirts, and sweats over the years trying to pour bleach into the washing machine. So in simple financial terms, a small investment in the No-Spill Spout will save you money in the short term and in the long run of having to replace your damaged clothes, which equates to time plus money. Take a moment and think about the cost of a shirt or jeans you ruined? Do you recall how much they were? How does that compare to $20.00 for a 3-Pack of No Spill Spouts? Do you see the value in how this handy little invention could actually save you money?


Why Should I buy your No Spill Spout versus some else’s product?

Our product is super simple to use, it has a unique patented design that other manufacturers of funnels and spouts overlooked and never saw. It attaches to virtually every 1-gallon plastic refill container, allows you to use both hands if necessary to hold the heavy 1-gallon jug, and significantly helps reduce your frustration spilling and ruining your clothes as well as minimizing the spills that harm the environment.


Where is the No Spill Spout made?

We looked at having the No Spill Spout made overseas in China as we were gathering the data on the cost of production and the time associated with shipping the product to us. Well, the good news was that it cost the same to manufacture the parts here as it did in China. Yeah, Baby! So if factor in the added expense of shipping and the time factor of getting here, the cost of producing the No-Spill Spout in America was a lot less expensive. Plus, I never have to worry about the knuckleheads working at the ports going on strike and causing a huge delay in receiving our product. Proud to say Made in America. Find out more about the invention of our no spill spout here!


Why does the No Spill Spout fit on so many different brands of liquid products? 

We could have not gotten any luckier than this one little tidbit of manufacturing consistency. When we created and developed the No Spill Spout, it was created with one thing in mind, helping pour bleach. I am going to have to give credit to my wife, Kelly, she is the one who wondered if it fit on one of the 15 other 1-Gallon refill jugs we had at home. And wouldn’t you know it, it perfectly fit on every one of them. What we found out was that the opening on all of those 1-gallon plastic refill containers use a standard call the 28-400 neck. Which means that most of all of those plastic refill containers are compatible with the No-Spill Spout.


What types of products can I pour using the No Spill Spout?

To date we have personally tried and tested the No-Spill Spout on 185 brands of liquid detergents, cleaning solutions, solvents, de-greasers, acids, radiator coolants, windshield wiper fluids, pool and spa products, gardening, paint cleaning liquids that you use regularly at home, in the garage, at the office or your business. Seriously it fits on HUNDREDS of products. Really? Would I lie to you? I will tell you this right up front, the No-Spill Spout does not work well with thick and heavy, viscous liquids like, motor oils, peanut oil, and thicker lubricants, it kinda works, but it just pours out way to slow, and I have better things to do with my time than wait and wait.  

pour spout for gallon jug

Why is the No Spill Spout better than a simple funnel?

Great Question. There are a couple of basic reasons why the No Spill spout is better than a funnel or a spout when it comes to pouring the liquid out of the 1-Gallon plastic refill containers. So if you can visualize the following reality, it will help illustrate the difference. So looking at the traditional funnel, it typically has a large opening at the top, which then narrows down to a much smaller opening at the bottom for the liquid to flow out and into the final destination. For the most part, works pretty good, but you have to coordinate both hands pretty well as you have to hold the funnel in place, then with your stronger dominate hand pour the liquid into the funnel without having the liquid come flying out or “Glug-Glugging” all over the place. A fresh 1-gallon jug is heavy, so it’s hard to hold it with one hand and not screw up. Been there done that, so I’m talking out of experience. The No Spill Spout helps in three ways here. First, the patented design allows air to flow into the jug so you get a smoother controlled flow of liquid coming out of the 1-gallon refill jug. Secondly, the 5-inch spout length helps direct and control where the liquid is being placed and thirdly, you get to use both of your hands to steady and hold the heavy 1-gallon refill jug while you are pouring the liquid into the other receptacle. However, using a funnel is better for thick and viscous products like oil. Sad but true.


Why is the No Spill Spout better than a Spout?

It’s all in the patented design. So simple you want to kill aunt Hilda for not thinking of this yourself. It’s all about the air we breathe, you know… if we can’t breathe, we die. Kinda the same concept here, the No Spill Spout allows the air to flow into the 1-Gallon plastic refill jug so that it can breathe. Simply put, we create an equilibrium on the inside of the jug because of the simple design allowing air to flow in and liquid flowing out 2 different vents. Plus we also have a curvature in the design of the No-Spill Spout to help angle the liquid flowing out into the other container.


Are those 1-Gallon Jugs designed to spill?

Well if I owned any one of those large chemical manufacturing companies producing the billions of gallon jugs of cleaning products, detergents, and solutions, you bet I’d make sure you and I would spill that stuff as often as possible. Money, it’s all about selling more liquid gold for them. It’s simple economics, the more you spill, the sooner you have to buy more of their products. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure this one out, the engineers specifically design their 1-Gallon jugs to maximize the difficulty in pouring out the liquid of the container. If you have ever poured Windex out of their existing 1-gallon container, it is virtually impossible to do it without spilling. No, seriously, I’ve really tried, and could not do it.

pouring spout

How does the No Spill Save the environment?

Well if you want to get technical, the No Spill Spout doesn’t save the environment. You do. You save the environment by using methods and process that will reduce or eliminate spilling liquids while trying to pour from those heavy 1-gallon refill container into something else. The big picture is really straight forward but we can get really detailed if we involve every single ripple that occurs with a spill. Accidentally spilling liquid chemicals directly on the ground is bad for the Earth, multiply millions of people with the amount the spill, and that is A HUGE amount of liquid polluting the Earth. Now from a clothing standpoint, that means ruined clothes, is wasted and thrown into a landfill, the factory workers make more stuff, which requires more stuff in order to make the clothes you wear. And then, of course, the towels, and additional cleaning rags used to clean up the spill has the same compounding effect, a tiny spill equates to a big ripple effect when its multiplied by latterly millions of people. Simple, but yet not so simple when we look at the big picture. So, in a nutshell, by you using the No-Spill Spout, you really are helping save the environment. It sounds corny, but its true.

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