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The No Spill Spout Fits on Over 185 Brands of 1-Gallon Refill Jugs

The No Spill Spout pouring funnel can be used on 185+ brands of household and mechanic cleaning detergents, solutions, degreasers, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, oils, and more because the majority of 1 gallon jugs have a universal standard opening and thread design.

Windex, 409, Simple Green, Krud Kutter, Prestone, Fabuloso, CLR, Bleach, Clorox, are just a few that work! Eliminate spills, ruined clothes, messy clean up, and damaged things .


The No Spill Spout Fits easily attaches onto 185+ Brands of Liquid 1 Gallon Refill Jugs

No Spill Spout Pouring Funnel Application and Uses: 

  • Pouring Spout used for pouring liquids from 1-Gallon plastic containers
  • Pouring Liquid Cleaning Products
  • Pouring Liquid Bleaches
  • Pouring Liquid Soaps
  • Pouring Liquid Detergents
  • Pouring Liquid Radiator Fluid
  • Pouring Liquid Windshield Wiper Fluid
  • Pouring Liquid Engine Oils
  • Use in Homes and Apartments
  • Use in Automotive Industry
  • Use by Cleaning Services
  • Use in Offices
  • Use in Marinas and Boat Docks
  • Use in RV Camping
  • Use in Industrial Locations

 No Spill Spout Pouring Funnel Benefits: 

  • Patented Pouring Funnel and Spout Innovation
  • Reduces Spilling when pouring
  • Easily to pour liquids from 1-Gallon Refill Containers
  • “Glug-Free” Patented technology
  • Saves costly expense of ruined clothes
  • Saves time and expense cleaning up
  • Saves the environment from liquids and solutions being accidentally spilled
  • Allows air to flow into container creating an equilibrium
  • Liquid easily pours out in a nice steady and smooth stream
  • Fits on over 185+ Brands of liquid 1 Gallon Refill jugs products
  • Simply screws onto most 1-Gallon Plastic Refill Containers