No-Spill Spout Fits To 185+ Liquid Containers

From Elmer’s glue to SimpleGreen’s earth-friendly household cleaners, the No-Spill Spout pouring spout and funnel fits over 185 plus of today’s most popular products in their 1 gallon jugs or containers.


No-Spill Spout Fits To 185+ Liquid Containers



No-Spill Spout "Pouring Spout" Application and Use:


1 Pouring spout used for pouring liquids from 1-Gallon plastic containers
2 Pouring Liquid Cleaning Products
3 Pouring Liquid Bleaches
4 Pouring Liquid Soaps
5 Pouring Liquid Detergents
6 Pouring Liquid Radiator Fluid
7 Pouring Liquid Windshield Wiper Fluid
8 Pouring Liquid Engine Oils
9 Use in Homes and Apartments
10 Use in Automotive Industry
11 Use by Cleaning Services
12 Use in Offices
13 Use in Marina’s and Boat Docks
14 Use in RV Camping
15 Use in Industrial Locations


No-Spill Spout "Pouring Spout" Benefits:


1 Unique Pouring Spout & Funnel Combination
2 Reduces Spilling when pouring.
3 Easy to pour liquids from 1-Gallon Refill Containers
4 “Glug-Free” Patent Pending technology
5 Saves costly expense of ruined clothes
6 Saves time and expense cleaning up
7 Saves the environment from liquids and solutions being accidentally spilled
8 Allows air to flow into container creating an equilibrium
9 Liquid easily pours out in a nice steady and smooth stream
10 Fits on over 185+ Brands of products
11 Simply screws onto most 1-Gallon Plastic Refill Containers