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The Most Satisfying Pour of Your Life.

Pouring Liquid from 1-gallon plastic jugs made easy. No more spills, splashes or messy clean-up. Seriously.


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What is a No Spill Spout?

Design meets science in effective, beautiful harmony.

The No Spill Spout is a clever combination of a spout and funnel that works by allowing air to flow into your 1-Gallon jug as liquid easily flows out. 

The No Spill Spout is comprised of 3 pieces, the spout, a securing ring, and a cap. The body of each spout is made from industrial-grade plastic with vents that let liquid escape while air seamlessly fills its place. Gone are the days of “glug, glug, glug, splash.”

From Elmer’s glue to Simple Green’s earth-friendly household cleaners, the No Spill Spout fits over 185 of today’s most popular products in their 1 gallon forms.

The No Spill Spout™ works on virtually any 1 gallon jug, including those containing bleach, industrial cleaners, dish soap, lubricants and oils, radiator fluid and windshield wiping fluid.

Commercial, automotive and marine products are all easy to pour with this durable and reliable product. The two-tier dispenser system prevents liquid from “glugging” and flowing out in spurts that cause splashes. Our product can be used over and over again with multitudes of liquid products by simply washing it in the sink. The included cap keeps your products safe from spills while in storage.

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No Spill Spout Pouring Funnel is the best hassle free plastic pouring funnel for 1 gallon refill jugs

Our Story

"After years of frustration ruining my clothes, shirts and pants spilling bleach into the washing machine, I searched for a solution to my problem and found nothing. So I decided someone had to do something about it. Thus, I invented the No Spill Spout. It is an ingenious device that is super simple.

"When I created the No Spill Spout pouring funnel, it was purely for bleach, that was it. The frustration was aimed purely at eliminating bleach splashing and ruining my clothes. Lots of my clothes. Some of you can probably commiserate alongside the multitudes faced with the same problem pouring without splashing bleach.

"My wife, in her infinite wisdom and insight wondered if the 3D printed prototype of the No Spill Spout pouring funnel might work on other 1 gallon refill jugs. Smart gal. Kelly opened one of the storage cabinets in the garage and started pulling out various 1 gallon refill jugs of 408, simple green, ZEP degreaser and Windex. Not thinking about what the broader implications would mean, we tried, and jug after refill jug, the No Spill Spout pouring funnel easily screwed onto the bottle.

"The No Spill Spout pouring funnel can be used on over 185 brands of household cleaning detergents, solutions, degreasers, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, and more. This is because the majority of 1 gallon jugs have a universal standard opening and thread design."

 - Joseph Hill, founder of No Spill Spout 



 The No Spill Spout is manufactured from industrial grade plastic to handle pretty much every type of liquid you use, from bleach to acids, soap, and cleaning detergents, the No Spill Spout is the solution to ending spills.

The No Spill Spout is American ingenuity at is best.

Born in America. Made in America.


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Do not use with Splashless Bleach
We have discovered that using splashless bleach will melt the rubber gasket used to create the seal between the No-Spill Spout and the 1-gallon plastic containers. Splashless bleach is thick and remains on the gasket and the additional chemical properties added to this product break down the gasket. If you are experiencing any issue with the rubber gasket, our team would love to know exactly what product you are using and then make improvements to the No-Spill Spout based on your feedback.