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The No Spill Spout is the Best Spill Free Radiator Coolant Funnel

The Better Radiator Coolant Funnel

Yahoo! I just got word that we got the patent approved on our No Spill Spout!! Yeah, Baby! Well, that makes me happy, my little invention is protected and also proves that this little gem is the best tool for pouring radiator fluid into your car or truck. Dude, seriously this is awesome at helping pour radiator fluid as close to spill free as it gets. Unless of course you are a total duff and deserve to spill and make a mess all over the inside of your rig... I pity the fool!

Well, you are officially reading my first blog post ever, congratulations Sherlock, you found me! 

Ok, let's see, I can tell you a bit of the back story about the No Spill Spout and inform you that my hot wife is way smarter than me. So, the deal is that I got pissed ruining my clothes trying to pour bleach in the washing machine, seriously who in their right mind would create a machine you are GUARANTEED to fail trying to use it... Really?... Well, that shit splashed and ruined my favorite jeans, burned a huge hole right through it. Fast forward, I couldn't find a solution that fit on the 1 Gallon Bleach bottle, searched high and low online and decided I am going to create something. Found a designer, Marty, props go to God for this miraculous connection, and so born out of frustration, the Bleach Buddy was created. Well, my sweetie pie saw the 3D produced sample on the bleach bottle and said: "Hey... let's see if this fits on something else!" Holy Shit, she literally pulled 15 different 1- Gallon jugs out I never knew we had. Damn that girl loves her cleaning supplies. A bit nervous about the outcome, I slowly screwed the spout onto the Simple Green bottle, It Fit!! OMG OMG, the opening on all these bottles are a uniform standard if you could have heard me sing with glee. 

Just that day, my radiator coolant light went on in my trusted 2003 Suburban, gotta love the Burb... and if you are anything like me, trying to freehand pour radiator coolant into the reservoir is a pain in the ass. Well, I attached the red 3D printed No-Spill Spout and joyfully pour the radiator coolant into my car!! HA! 

Obviously, you don't need the No-Spill Spout and will get along just fine in life, but if you want to knock a sharp edge of frustration, then consider it just a simple tool to make your life a bit easier, even if it helps pour spill free the radiator coolant fluid.  Not only are you going to save yourself some hassle but you're also contributing to a healthier planet.  Check out our blog post on the cost of spills to the environment.

The Science Behind The No Spill Spout Radiator Coolant Funnel

So if you care, and you probably don't, but if you have read this far, might as well keep you entertained a bit longer with the science behind the patented design of the No-Spill Spout. When I show people how it works, everyone's like... "Damn, really, that so fricken simple, why didn't I invent that..." Then call me B*Ache" really is that necessary? Ok, so this is what I call the clever combination of a spout and funnel, there is a triangle at the base of the spout, that allows air to flow in along the top and diverts the radiator fluid along the bottom so that air flows into the jug and creates an equilibrium inside the 1-gallon jug. That's magic, radiator coolant can now easily flow out, not that GLUG GLUG shit we are all used to having to deal with, but we get a nice steady controllable stream that is easy to manage. 

The other cool feature of the No Spill Spout is its' 5” inch length, Ladies, really get your mind out of the gutter and thinking, but that's so small... Listen, for the job it is designed to do, it's the perfect fit and length. So the key here is being able to reach and guide the flow of liquid into the radiator reservoir, or bleach pours in the right area. What is the name of that little area that you are supposed to pour the liquid into, is there an official name for that spot? 

One more thing, this is made in America, won't say exactly where, because I fled that state to the pristine snow-capped mountains of McCall Idaho... And guess what? It's Minus -4 degrees outside. Damn, that's cold... See how this fits for a few years, but the No-Spill Spout was born in the USA, and will hopefully reach puberty here soon and know more than me. Lucky me.

Be cool.

The No Spill Spout coolant funnel was designed with one thing in mind, to make our lives easier. No Spill Refill, Refill No Spill.

100% Made in America



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