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How to Pour Antifreeze Without Spilling

Pouring antifreeze, or radiator fluid into your car or truck can often prove to be a frustrating task.

We decided we'd have enough and decided to come up with a solution. Introducing the No Spill Spout, the revolutionary take on a common funnel.

"Most great things happen because someone is pissed. That was me. Irritated to the point of spending a lot of money developing this little product. In the end, I created the best simple, easy to use, and spill-free coolant funnel."

- Joseph Hill, Creator of the No Spill Spout

This radiator funnel easily attaches to 1-gallon radiator coolant jugs by screwing on to the top like a lid. The patent-pending design of the coolant funnel then allows air to flow in and radiator fluid to flow out, for a glug-free, spill-free pour into your reservoir.

Way too often, the radiator reservoir is difficult to access and trying to free-hand pour the radiator fluid ends up spilling all over the engine bay.  The No Spill Spout is 5" inches in length, so it is relatively small and replaces the traditional funnel as a simple attachment to 1-gallon jugs. You can use it hands-free, unlike a classic funnel that needs to be held with one hand.

The No Spill Spout is a simple innovation that was designed and manufactured in Southern California as a superior alternative spill free coolant funnel. Proud to say Made in America!

Learn more about our spout here, or purchase here!


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no spill coolant funnel


The No Spill Spout is 100% made in the USA.


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