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Top 10 Radiator Coolant Funnels

Pouring radiator fluid into your car or truck can prove challenging. We are here to help with a list of the top 10 spill free antifreeze funnels. 
Let's get right into it.


 1. The No Spill Spout -

While not technically a funnel, the clever patented design was specifically created to make pouring into tight spots easy. It has 5-inch reach so that you can point and pour the liquid where you need it, as well as a gentle curve which allows you to tilt the whole bottle without spilling. The clever combination of a spout and funnel allows air to flow into the jug and restrict liquid so it flows in a steady, easy stream wherever you need it to go. The design allows you to use both your hands to hold the heavy 1 gallon jug which affords you greater control. The white plastic spout is semi-transparent so you can see the liquid inside.

The No Spill Spout is made in America.

No-Spill Spout Pouring Radiator Fluid Easily into the car

Cost: $13.95 for two



2. Sealey F12 Clip-On Funnel with Spout -

The Sealey F12 Clip-On funnel easily attaches to 1-gallon jugs, and has a a flexible accordion style spout that can be positioned into the harder to reach areas. The design allows you to use both of your hands to hold the radiator coolant so that you have greater control. The only issue is the angle, you need to make sure you start pouring slowly so you don't overflow and spill out the top. The units are $3.79 each (though you have to buy 12 of them) and they will ship from the UK.

Sealey F12 Clip On Funnel with Spout

Cost: $65.84 for twelve 




The Clip-On Spout Funnel is great for a lot of applications, as long as you can easily reach directly over the opening you are pouring into with the jug. However, you are limited to the places you can pour, as well as having to carefully pour the radiator fluid out of the jug just at the right speed so you don't spill by overflowing the clip-on funnel. The angle also has to be critical, and poured very slowly.

clip on spout funnel

Cost: $14.71


4. PRESSOL Funnel with Flexible Spout

Introducing a more classic-style funnel with a handle and adjustable accordion spout that can be placed in harder to get to areas. The handle makes it easy to hold, especially if your hands are bit slick, and it features an adjustable spout you can move to change the length and position of the funnel. The issue is having to have 2 hands doing 2 different things, so a bit of coordination and strength will be required to manage the heavier 1 gallon radiator coolant jugs. 


Pressol Funnel with Flexible spout

Cost: $27.99


5. Hopkins Flexi-Spout No-Spill Fluid Spout - 10119B

At $1.99 each, this is the best option for those on a budget. It is long, measuring in at just over 15" in length, with an accordion style tube that makes it flexible and easily directed to reach hard-to-get spots. The main drawback here is the "glug-glug" factor, where the air and fluid have to compete for the same hole.

Hopkins Flexi-Spout No-Spill Fluid Spout

Cost: $1.99


6. Wacky Practicals Collapsible Funnels

Having the convenience of a collapsible funnel is what this option is all about. It is simple and does what it has to do. Again though, there is the downside of having to coordinate 2 hands, one holding the funnel and the other pouring the radiator coolant from the 1 gallon jug. It is a UK based product and may not ship to the USA. 

Wacky Practicals Collapsible Funnel

Cost: £ 5.81


7. FloTool Multi Purpose Spout Antifreeze Fluid Spout - Adjustable

This tool allows you to control the volume of liquid pouring out of the container. If you can easily reach the coolant reservoir, the short nozzle makes it a breeze to slowly pour the radiator fluid into the car. You adjust the speed of the flow, and turn it off when it's full. Simple and straightforward, with the only limitation of having a short neck and limited access to certain areas, as well as the "glug-glug" factor. 

FloTool Multi Purpose Spout; Antifreeze/Windshield Washer Fluid Spout, Adjustable 

Cost: $7.32 


 8. Pouring Bottle Funnel from Hawaiian Snow

It's a funnel, they work. A few downsides about using a classic funnel; you really have to use one hand to hold the funnel, then use the other hand to pour coolant. Once you start pouring, you have to maintain the exact pour speed so you don't overfill and overflow the radiator reservoir in the process. Removing a funnel may leave a couple of drips from the bottom of the funnel, a tip is to have a paper towel or rag handy you can put underneath it as you pull away. 

hawaiian snow pouring bottle funnel 

Cost: $4.00 


9. Funnel King Flexible Spout Funnel

This spout funnel is 4 inches long, flexible, and fits on several different sized containers. This product has the ability to fold the spout to close off the passage, blocking liquid from flowing out. Once you release the spout slowly, the radiator coolant can flow out and into the reservoir. The downside lies in when the spout wants to spring back straight and fling/spray coolant where it isn't intended. You can mitigate this problem by releasing it very slowly, thus liquid can trickle out. On top of that, this a small diameter tube so there is competition between air and liquid, creating a "glug-glug" factor.

flexible spout funnel

 Cost: $5.37


10. The FunLPro

This Product utilizes the accordion style spout that allows it to be pulled varying lengths and directions for hard-to-reach areas. The only downside is that the creases in the plastic hold liquid. When you are finished using an accordian-style product to pour, the liquid springs up and splashes due to excess coolant still held in the tube. 

FunlPro Spout

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