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Trouble Pouring Windex?

Sometimes manufacturers create their product with built-in failures in order to make them more money, it's just part of their business model. I think a perfect example is Windex. Have you seen the 1-Gallon Refill jug from Windex? In my personal opinion, Windex must have engineered their 1 Gallon refill jug in such a way that is designed to spill! 



Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm not. I tried pouring Windex dozens of times without spilling and have yet to succeed. Think about it this way: the more people spill Windex, the faster they burn through the product and have to buy more. Multiply that by millions of people and you end up talking about real money... real fast. Just my theory.

Our No Spill Spout eliminates the hassle of spilling and pouring Windex all over the counter. It's super easy to attach The No Spill Spout on large 1-gallon Windex jugs and simple to pour the Windex into your handheld spray bottle. 

Plus, if millions of people eliminated spills, we'd all be playing a small on part in preserving our environment. Spills and waste add up.


Easily pour windex using the no spill spout, a funnel made for pouring without spilling


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