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Why Do I Need No-Spill Spout?

Have you ever ruined your clothes trying to pour bleach into the washing machine?

After years of frustration and hundreds of dollars of ruined pants, sweats, shirts and shorts, I decided to invent the Bleach Buddy, the simple little funnel spout that attaches to the 1-gallon plastic bleach bottles to help ease the pain of pouring bleach into the washing machine.



Pouring windshield wiper fluid into your car or truck has been has never been easier using the No-Spill Spout, the spill free windshield wiper funnel.

Until now, trying to refill windshield wiper fluid into your car or trucks radiator reservoir has been challenging at best and inconvenient, usually resulting in spills and time-consuming cleanup. Born out of frustration, we decided there needs to be a spill free windshield wiper funnel that is simple and easy to use pouring windshield wiper fluid.

How often do you actually struggle trying to pour a liquid in your car’s radiator?

No Spill Spout will help you make it a whole lot easier in pouring radiator fluid. You don’t have to worry about spilling. You can also use it in putting windshield wiper fluid in the car from large containers using our patent pending spout. There are varieties of standard-sized containers that No Spill Spout can easily dispense in an easy and controlled manner.

Preventing spills helps preserve the cleanliness of your home or work environment, and creates a safer, healthier space.

Imagine your new kittens pawing along a floor where bleach had been spilled only hours earlier. If not cleaned properly, the results could be disastrous.

Picture pouring glue into children’s dispensers from a large jug and the magnitude of clean-up for even the smallest spill.

The No-Spill Spout says no to spills. Simply screw a spout onto any of the 150+ products that the No-Spill Spout fits, and say goodbye to spills.

What Does A Spill REALLY Cost?

  1. Wasted liquid
  2. Depending on the type of liquid, and the location, it could burn the grass, pollute the waterways, or eventuate a larger clean-up process
  3. The materials used to clean up the spills (paper towels, cloth towels, sponges)
  4. Increased landfill space from disposing of all the clean-up materials
  5. The time it takes you to clean up could be time better spent working, with family, or supporting your community
  6. Potential health hazards depending on the spill and how well it’s cleaned up

Find out more about the cost of spills to the environment in our informative post.

No Spill Spout is simply the best and is easy use. So, you can order online on or you can search on for no spill spout. Use now 1-pack, 2-pack or 3-pack. The No Spill Spout will make your life easier in trying to pour even into the smallest.

You can order this coolant funnel online on or you can search on store. The No-Spill Spout pouring spout and funnel was designed with one thing in mind, to make our lives easier.


The No-Spill Spout pouring spout and funnel was designed with one thing in mind, to make our lives easier.

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