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No Spill Spout - 5 Pack
No Spill Spout - 5 Pack
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No Spill Spout - 5 Pack
No Spill Spout - 5 Pack
No Spill Spout - 5 Pack
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No Spill Spout - 5 Pack
No Spill Spout - 5 Pack
No Spill Spout - 5 Pack
No Spill Spout - 5 Pack

No Spill Spout - 5 Pack

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The No Spill Spout is a patented innovation that helps you pour with greater control to prevent spills.

Simply the best glug-free pouring spout on the planet. Never use a funnel again. The No Spill Spout is easy to install and use.

Fits on over 185 of the most common household, automotive, cleaning, marine and commercial brands you use every day in your home, business, automotive garage, or boat marina.

You will receive a random assortment of colors.

How Does It Work?

A clever combination of a spout and funnel allows air to flow into your 1-gallon jug which lets liquid pour out smoothly and effortlessly without spills.

There is no great secret to the No Spill Spout, just simple and effective design. The first vent allows for the passage of the liquid, while the second vent lets air into the container, creating a smooth and easy pour every time. The spout’s end cap makes it easy to seal and store products, while the industrial-grade plastic is guaranteed to last. Gone are the days of “glug, glug, glug, splash!”

Will The No Spill Spout Improve My Life?

Yes! The No Spill Spout is designed with one simple concept in mind. Eliminate Spills. Eliminate the cost of ruining your clothes and wasted time cleaning up the mess.

But don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself, if you are not satisfied, we will give you a 100% refund on the product.

Made in America.


Do not use with Splashless Bleach

We have discovered that using splashless bleach will melt the rubber gasket used to create the seal between the No-Spill Spout and the 1-gallon plastic containers. The splashless bleach is thick and remains on the gasket and the additional chemical properties added to this product breaks down the rubber gasket. If you are experiencing any issue with the rubber gasket, our team would love to know exactly what product you are using and then make improvements to the No-Spill Spout based on your feedback.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Little Spout

I purchased a 5-pack of spouts a month ago with intention to use two of those on windshield washer jars, one on all-season and one on summer, while having some for spare. Well, I ran out of spares in two weeks as I stumbled upon a tile cleaner, a rust inhibitor, and a Fantastic jar. By the time I needed to top my chainsaw oil tank, I was out of spouts…

Out of all uses I had for the spouts so far, the chainsaw oil is the one that justifies paying a premium price by a mile. If you ever filled a chainsaw from a gallon jar even with help of a funnel, trust me, you will appreciate the relief that this little spout would bring to your life. You will love your chainsaw again as there will be no swearing while spilling the chainsaw oil all over the garage floor or a driveway, not to mention the tool itself.

I am buying another ten spouts to put those on other unaccounted jars. Highly recommend to try those yourself.

Works as they say on gallon bottles.

I have used them on several gallon jugs that I pour out of for cleaning and refiling smaller containers. No spill and controlled pour.

Laura Glismann
No more bleach spots on my clothes!

The NO SPILL SPOUT makes it so much easier to pour bleach safely. I have been looking for this kind of device for years!

Mary Bray
It leaks

No matter how you screw it on, it leaks and dribbles the bleach everywhere

I use this every time I clean

This is one of those products that you get that just makes your life a little easier whenever you use it. every time I pour something now I don’t know how I did it before. They work well, fit on everything I've tried so far, and seem well made.