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Joseph Hill, Innovator of The No Spill Spout

The Reason Behind the No Spill Spout

Thank you for taking the time to look at The No Spill Spout. I'm guessing you might have had the occasional spill while trying to pour bleach, Windex, windshield wiper fluid or something else out of one of those 1 gallon refill jugs and made a mess. Likewise, I was irritated cleaning up messes and ruining my clothes, so born out for pure frustration I decided to do something about it. Well, that led me to a stark conclusion, there wasn't a good enough spout or funnel that was available on the market to help solve my problem by reducing, or even eliminating spills. Voila! The birth of The No Spill Spout, conceived through innovation and frustration! And now, tens of thousands of No Spill Spouts are in the hands of people who have reached out to tell me Thank You! I Love It!"
- Joseph M. Hill

The No Spill Spout is small company offering one product with one employee, my daughter Genevieve, who I hope will build this single product brand into a household name. There is a lot to be said for American ingenuity and a determination to bring an idea to life. I want to thank all of the supporters who helped fund our Kickstarter campaigns and encouraged us to continue the process till we had a sellable product. 

The picture was recently taken at Winter Park Colorado with my beautiful bride Kelly. It was her idea to try all of the various 1 gallon refill jugs at home when I should her the 3D prototype we created for the bleach bottle. Smart Gal!

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Contact Information:

Joseph Hill
Phone: 208-630-3415